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Mini IFO
(Indoor Flying Object)

"Mini IFO is the most forgivig to the most outrageous plane you will ever flown!" -Fly R/C Magazine

Mini IFO Kits, Brushless Combinations & RTF Deals

Mini IFO
(image shown Mini IFO with its stock wing and tail colors)

Extreme Aerobatics, Tight Rolls, Loops, Turns, Super Tough & Light Weight & Travel-Size.

Did you ever want to conveniently take your R/C airplane with you on trips? Now You Can! Mini IFO is a perfect electric slow-flyer that you can fold flat & take with you!

Everyone knows that electric R/C slow-flyers can be flown anywhere BUT how do you take them with you? Now you can with the Mini IFO!! The Mini IFO is designed to fold flat to fit inside a standard large suitcase! No special shipping box required!! And better yet, the Mini IFO offers the same adrenaline pumping aerobatics performance as it's IFO Mk3 big brother! Imagine, you can have all the fun even while you're on your business trips.

The Mini IFO is for you if you are bored of the usual rudder-elevator R/C controlled electric indoor/park-flyers and ready to graduate to the next flying skill level!...or if you have flown gas models all your life and would like to try a front-yard or indoor high-performance electric model! The Mini IFO is highly aerobatics designed for fast rolls, tight inside/outside loops, inverted flight and the unique IFO "falling leaf" maneuver. Click here to See Fun Mini IFO Videos!

Not only is the IFO designed for slow-fly extreme aerobatics but the Mini IFO's all carbon airframe is nearly indestructible!! AND not only that, the IFO can be built and flown in the same day!

Mini IFO Flight Report by TOC Champion: Chip Hyde

Chip Hyde

"I am going to send a video of me torque rolling the Mini IFO (modified with rudder) in my living room last night - it is the most awesome plane I've ever flown, I love it!"
-Chip Hyde


Fly it and you will love it!

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"Dr. Dave"

Mini IFO Reports
Sent by Our Mini IFO Fan

"I have had my Mini IFO for 5 years now, and while I was flying it the other day, I realized that I haven't yet offered you guys a complement for the idea and it's development into the awesome plane that it is. The Mini IFO is one of my more treasured aircraft in my fleet, and the longest surviving / oldest. With dozens of hours on it, I only have slight tears in the rip-stop at blunt rub points from landing inverted, a small kink where I snagged barb wire, and that's it. It is truly a cool flying machine , and it's construction techniques have taught me a lot, which has influenced the construction of some of my other planes. It has won me lots of 'Wow's at talents shows and strange looks from passers by, and my flying buddies all want one (not to boast). Anyhow, it will probably stick around another 5 years. Again, thank you. Clear Skies,"

-Steve Carlson

Mini IFO in Flight

Prop Hanging!
Tight Turn, High Roll Rates
Photo by: Nick Popple

Design Features: General Performance: Specifications:
  • Carbon rod propeller guard
  • Simple mono wheel landing gear
  • Extremely simple hinges
  • All carbon airframe for durability
  • Collapsible to fit in standard large suitcase
  • 2-3 ft. diameter Outside & Inside Loops(also try a square loop, it's really lots of fun!)
  • 540 deg. per second Rolls
  • Hovering with 10 cell pack
  • Sustained Inverted Flight
  • 20 to 0 mph speed range
  • 5 ft. take off roll into half inside loop
  • Picnic table top landing
  • Aerobatics performance is only limited by your imagination!
  • Aerobatics performance is only limited by your imagination!
  • 25.5" wing span
  • Wing area 320 sq.in
  • Weight 4.0 oz (with a 10 cell 50mah NiCad)
  • Wing Loading 1.8 oz/sq.ft .

Kit Include: Required to Complete:
  • Step By Step Instruction
  • Full Size Plans
  • Carbon Rods
  • Kevlar Thread
  • Wheel
  • Super Tough Ripstop Wing Covering and Tail Color of Your Choice
  • 2712-12 Outrunner Miniature Brushless motor , 12 amp Brushless ESC
  • GWS Propeller (8x4.3)
  • Light Weight Receiver, GWS Pico or similar.
  • Two Micro Servos with 7 in-oz of torque
  • Battery Weight < 2 oz.
  • 2-3 cells 300-500 mAh Lithium Polymer with brushless motor
  • If Using GWS Brushed Motor , use 2 cell 300-800 mAh Lithium Polymer
  • Correct Charger for Battery Type
  • CA Thick Adhesive and Accelerator
  • Transmitter with Elevon Mixing
  • Weld wood Contact Cement (small bottle)